London Borough Southwark

Output Arts/ Emergency Exit Arts


Collage, LED cubes, transparencies, tape.

Innovators Imaginarium was an event created with young people in Southwark by Emergency Exit Arts and Output Arts which celebrated local innovators. This interactive artwork reflected research and drawings by children from St Georges Catholic Primary School of local artist, social reformer and innovator Octavia Hill whose main concern was the welfare of the inhabitants of cities in the nineteenth century. Hill campaigned for better housing for the poor and for the availability of open spaces for all to enjoy. She said “We all need space; unless we have it we cannot reach that sense of quiet in which whispers of better things come to us gently.”  Using inspiration from block puzzles and games, each side of the cube were covered with collage of buildings and plants, geometric shape and patterns to allow the construction of buildings and gardens in infinite combinations. The cubes were illuminated with programmed LED lights and accompanied with a soundscape.