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Welcome Gateway

Title:  Welcome Gateway

Client: The British Museum

Partners: Refugee Week

Date: 2016

Materials: Carbon paper, envelopes, correx, wood

Moving stories special event for Refugee week.

‘Gateway’ or ‘gate’ derives from the Old Norse “gata”, meaning road or path. It originally referred to an opening in a wall or fence, rather than the a barrier which we now associate with gate. As part of Refugee Week events at The British Museum,  visitors were invited to share their own stories of welcome and memories of places and people by drawing objects related to journeys from the collection and writing messages of welcome. These drawings and messages were ‘posted’ in envelopes which covered the gateway to create a moving  gesture of welcome.

This activity encouraged visitors to share their experiences of migration, whether as a recent or former migrant, or as a resident welcoming newcomers. It allowed a space for reflection on current migration and on historical migrations reflected in the collections at the museum.