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Pop Up Picture Palace

In 2012 Tracy & Hobbs made The Wood Street Pop Up Picture Palace commissioned by Wood Street Inside Out. During the early part of the 20th century Walthamstow was a centre for filmmaking, producing thousands of silent films. Many of these films have been lost or destroyed. Tracy & Hobbs went about creating a re-imagining of a film made by The Broadwest Film Company called ‘The Ware Case’ using only archive photos and evidence from film magazines. Through taking residence in a local indoor market, running a series of workshops and inviting local people to contribute the resulting short film depicted Wood Street at that time.

The final event was a spectacular outdoor screening. The film was projected into the end wall of a two storey building on Wood Street. The project involved the participation of 100 people and an audience 250 people attended the final event screening, all dressed in black and white.

‘Marrying innovative thinking with pragmatic solutions Emily and Lizzy staged an enchanting public screening for over 200 neighbours and visitors to rethink and celebrate their neighbourhood. This unique work responded with sensitivity to the history and fabric of the environment’.

Ashley McCormick, Project curator.



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