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Title: Screen
Client: Altered
Partners: Arts NK
Materials: Wood, fabric, animation
Altered Project; ‘Screen’, St Andrews Heckington, Lincolnshire. UK.  A site-specific participatory installation as a part of ‘Altered’,  a project exploring Mediaeval churches through contemporary art.  Supported by Arts NK.
 St. Andrews church would have originally had a Rood  screen. Screens were an integral part of the ritual of the church. The  screen at St.Andrews would have been large and spectacular . The  rood screen was a physical and symbolic barrier, separating the  chancel, the domain of the clergy, from the nave where lay people  gathered to worship. It was also a means of seeing; often it was solid  only to waist height and richly decorated with pictures of saints and  angels. Concealment and revelation were part of the mediaeval  mass. In some churches, ‘squints’ (holes in the screen) would allow  partial views through the screen.
 The carvings in the alter of the church are beautiful and unusually  fine. I wanted to create a journey for visitors which would enable  them to re-look at what may be a familiar building, or for the first. In  order to highlight the carvings I decided to hide them. I wanted to  make visitors explore, re-look and have the opportunity to  contribute and play with the building. A shadow screen was  constructed across the nave, which depicted nature and animals,  both of which provide a link with our medieval ancestors. An  animation was projected onto the screen and onto the stone carved  Easter Sepulcure. The piece relied on participation of visitors to  interact with the work by creating shadow with their bodies as they  walked through the space and by playing with the projected images  on an Overhead projector .